• Egypt
  • MBA from London Business School


Q: Why Strategy&? /What benefits do you get, personal or professional, from being part of this firm?

A: Strategy& is the only top management consulting firm with a base office in Cairo. This was a unique value proposition for me because I wanted to join the field while still residing in Egypt. When I arrived in 2008, Strategy& was heavily involved in many strategic national transformation initiatives in Egypt. Being part of that has given me a lot of satisfaction. 

Professionally, the combination of Strategy& with PwC has increased our reach, impact, and comprehensiveness in terms of service offering. In fact, a proposal we just won will deliver a full-fledged solution by Strategy& and PwC Deals.

Q: What do you do outside Strategy&/when you’re not working

A: Most of my free time is spent working out. I do Crossfit; I can dead lift 195 kg, back squat 175 kg, and row 500 meters in 1:31 minutes. Every February I participate in the annual competition held throughout Crossfit gyms around the world, where we all do the same workout and our achievements are compared and ranked. This year I made it into the top 20 percent of 300,000 to 400,000 athletes. My target next year is to move into the top 10 percent. It takes commitment in every facet of my life to achieve this..