• India
  • MBA from London Business School


Q: Why Strategy&? /What benefits do you get, personal or professional, from being part of this firm?

A: Professionally, it's satisfying to work in a firm with a wide expertise across industries. There is opportunity for me to apply all of my own media and marketing analytics expertise across so many industry verticals.

Personally, I'm a traveler at heart, so being at this firm lets me indulge my love of discovering a cultural and historical context in the places and people I come across.

Q: What do you do outside Strategy&/when you’re not working?

A: I'm an avid coin collector, but mostly I spend time with my family. I'm the proud dad of two young daughters who are keen students of karate (my older one is a black belt). And I believe I'm one of the few lucky guys to be married to their best friend.