Meet our people

Meet our people

We have a unique way of working. We continually look ahead – applying foresight built on powerful analytics, deep capabilities, creativity and experience. We are bold; always optimistic about opportunities, realistic about what is possible. We keep to the point; always unambiguous, always honest. We are pragmatic, working with our sleeves rolled up. We bring together the best people in the world.

A career at Strategy& demands world leading thinking, experience and expertise. Our people are expected to work closely with each other and clients. They get to see results and be measured by them. And each experience better prepares them for their next challenge.

ME Business Operations Team Manager, Dubai
What I love the most about Strategy& are all...

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Senior Associate, Dubai
I’ve been at Strategy& since 2010 ...

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Principal, Beirut
I’ve had the opportunity to work...

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Senior Associate, Beirut
The best part about working at Strategy& is ...

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Manager, Dubai
Professionally, it's satisfying to work in a firm...

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Principal, Dubai
I chose consulting because I wanted to...

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Office Manager, Riyadh
I chose to work at Strategy& because...

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Associate, Beirut
I particularly enjoy...

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