Alumni gathering in Dubai: Bringing together culture, history, and art

Strategy& alumni were in for a cultural treat when they gathered on May 6, 2015, at the Dubai Moving Image Museum. One of Dubai’s lesser-known gems and the first of its kind in the Middle East, the Moving Image Museum provided the backdrop for a unique evening get-together combining fun, culture, and networking.

Guests were welcomed by a cocktail reception followed by a private guided tour of the museum, which offered an opportunity to experience the progression of visual entertainment from its inception up to the birth of modern-day cinema. The guide gave fascinating insights into the museum's unique collection of artifacts dating from the 1730s to the 20th century, pointing out specific details of the items on display and allowing guests to interact with the moving imagery pieces. Whether it was peeping into an 18th-century Dutch peep box viewer, or turning the reel of an early-20th-century Mutoscope, guests immersed themselves in the different experiences and learned more about earlier civilizations.

In attendance were more than 20 Strategy& alumni and seniors. “It was great to connect with old friends and colleagues in a new and unique setting,” affirmed alumna Hana Habayeb, now open source strategy lead at Microsoft. Senior partner Per-Ola Karlsson commented: “Our alumni family is an integral part of our identity and has helped us build our heritage and become who we are today. We seek every opportunity to keep them at the heart of the firm as we continue to build our exciting future with PwC.”
If you have any suggestions or want to learn more about the Middle East alumni program, please reach out to Hala Maalouf.