Ramadan gatherings in Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait, and Riyadh

During the holy month of Ramadan, Booz & Company organized Iftar and Suhoor gatherings for staff, alumni, and clients in Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait, and Riyadh. The events were a great opportunity for attendees to network in a relaxed atmosphere with music and good food.

Attendees spent memorable evenings at the various venues: the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr in Abu Dhabi, La Plage in Beirut, the St. Regis in Doha, the Ritz-Carlton in Dubai, Jumeirah hotel in Kuwait, and the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh. More than 65 alums and their significant others attended the events with more than 15 partners receiving our guests and extending Ramadan wishes.

The firm’s informal gatherings provide the ideal setting to pursue the all-important professional and personal bonding that keeps an organization healthy and vibrant.

Rasha, a consultant based in the Beirut office, especially liked the relaxed atmosphere of the events and how it allowed her to catch up with friends at the firm. “The best thing about working in Booz is that you get to be part of a network of excellence, intensity, and drive that’s always pushing you forward,” she said.

Senior associate Sonal, based in the Dubai office, was impressed by the high turnout of Booz alumni and enjoyed gathering with former colleagues. “Booz becomes an integral part of your life once you have worked here,” he said. “Also, I brought along my 16-month-old daughter and nobody seemed to complain about the ruckus she made.”

Partner Jad Bitar, based in the Beirut office, relished the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and catch up with colleagues who he hadn’t seen in some time, and the great setting and food added to his enjoyment. “The best thing about being part of Booz & Company is the constant intellectual challenge, the opportunity to effectuate change on a big scale, and to work with the smartest bunch in the region who keep me on my toes constantly,” he said.

Our Booz & Company family at the Riyadh Iftar had more than networking in mind when they gathered: it was a last opportunity to bid a fond farewell to Karim Sabbagh. Staff and alumni joined our partners in toasting Karim and celebrating his journey with the firm.  A farewell video, featuring the song “My Way,” charted Karim’s 15 years at Booz and included farewell messages from partners and principals. The evening culminated with an inspiring speech from Karim, after which he cut his cake, aptly decorated with a 15-year theme. Senior associate Hicham noted: “It’s been truly a privilege working with Karim. His unparalleled work ethic, sound judgment, and clarity of purpose are second to none. Karim’s impact on every individual he worked with is beyond significant – it is great to see that this region not only imports CEOs from the West but also exports them. We are all very proud of him and we wish him the best of luck. He will always be one of us.”

In March 2014, Booz & Company joined the PwC global network of firms and is now known as Strategy&. All references to Booz & Company predate this change.