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About Middle East Alumni

Over the last few years, the Middle East team has grown significantly. As the office and the region have grown and changed, so too have some of our colleagues who have chosen a different career focus and moved on to opportunities elsewhere.

But no matter where their career takes them, Strategy& alumni stand apart from other professionals. Each one, having learned to embrace the philosophy of helping clients, inspiring innovation, and demonstrating leadership, is undoubtedly continuing to boost enthusiasm and surpass management’s expectations in a new workplace.

Another outstanding attribute shared by Strategy&’s former employees is the ability to connect with one another. They realize that fresh approaches and imaginative solutions are always in demand, no matter where they are expending their efforts. And time and again, alumni pursue those fresh ideas by reaching out and further expanding the Strategy& global network.

It is this alumni network that strengthens collaboration between groups, encouraging a synergistic approach from which employees, partners, and clients can all learn. This is why we believe that remaining closely and effectively connected to our expanding alumni network is essential.

If you have any suggestions or want to learn more about the Middle East alumni program, please reach out to Hala Maalouf.

Alumni in the news

Strategy& congratulates the following alumni on their recent accomplishments:

  • Ahmad Bakri joined Pepsi Co as MENA Head of Strategy
  • Hitesh Chelawat joined Solenis as Global Director
  • Makram Faddoul joined Citigroup as Associate 
  • Mohamad Hamade joined Amanat Holdings as Chief Investment Officer
  • Wissam Khalaf joined Portas Consulting as Junior Partner
  • Imad Nassar joined S&P Platts as Client Development Manager 
  • Nayla Rustom joined Mirum Agency as Business Director
  • Hadi Sawaya joined Oracle as Director

Alumni events

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Alumni end-of-year celebrations
The festive end-of-year season would not be complete without our alumni gatherings in Dubai and Beirut, when we get together with our alumni family to reflect on the past...
Ramadan gatherings in Dubai, Riyadh and Beirut
The holy month of Ramadan would not be complete without our Iftar gatherings. Several times throughout this special time, Strategy& invites all staff ...
Ramadan Iftar Gatherings
Celebrating the festive season with our alumni family has become a yearly ritual at Strategy&. This past December, we gathered with them in Dubai and Beirut to...
Ramadan Iftar Gatherings
During the holy month of Ramadan, Strategy& organized Iftar gatherings for staff and alumni in Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Dubai, and Riyadh. The Iftar gatherings...
Alumni end-of-year events in Dubai and Beirut
The festive end-of-year season would not be complete without our alumni dinner gatherings in Dubai and Beirut, when we get together with our alumni family to reflect on...
Ramadan gatherings
The holy month of Ramadan 2015 brought together staff and alumni at vibrant events held in Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Dubai, and Riyadh. Strategy&’s Iftar and Suhoor gatherings...
Alumni gathering in Dubai
Strategy& alumni were in for a cultural treat when they gathered on May 6, 2015, at the Dubai Moving Image Museum...
Changes at the top: CEO succession and success
On June 16 and 18, 2014, Strategy& organized exclusive gatherings for alumni and clients in Abu Dhabi and Doha, respectively, with the theme “Changes at the top: CEO succession...
End of year celebrations in Beirut and Dubai
Staff and alumni closed the book on 2013 at glamorous year-end events held at the MusicHall in Beirut on December 13, and its sister venue in Dubai on December 15...
Ramadan gatherings
During the holy month of Ramadan, Booz & Company organized Iftar and Suhoor gatherings for staff, alumni, and clients in Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait, and Riyadh...
Alumni and staff reception in Abu Dhabi
In an effort to further strengthen bonds between alumni and staff members, Richard Shediac hosted a get-together at his Abu Dhabi home on March 18...
Women entrepreneurs in MENA
On January 16, 2013, Booz & Company’s Ideation Center hosted an event attracting 170 delegates and media representatives coming from across the region...
Cultural get-together in Beirut
On July 28, 2011, Middle East alums had the chance to enjoy a cultural get-together at the Robert Mouawad Private Museum, which provided an evening of inspiring...

In March 2014, Booz & Company joined the PwC global network of firms and is now known as Strategy&. All references to Booz & Company predate this change.