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Culture — the self-renewing system of habits, instincts and emotional responses characteristic to each and every organization — isn’t easy to pin down. We at the Katzenbach Center constantly scan the field of inquiry and hypothesize from what we’re learning from our own client work. We are well aware that there are no easy answers, and much to be discovered.

It is also a fascinating, burgeoning field of study. Leaders across industries and continents are eager to better understand this element of business success. With this in mind, we have just launched our Global Culture Survey to take the pulse of cultures in organizations around the world. It’s our hope that you will join our global community of participants.

For the generous gift of your time and insights, you’ll receive a free one-year digital subscription to PwC’s award-winning magazine, strategy+business. You’ll also be entered in two drawings for a chance to win a signed copy of The Wisdom of Teams: Creating the High-Performance Organization, by Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith; or a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation with Jon Katzenbach.

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Improving Company Culture Is Not About Providing Free Snacks
s+b articleDecember 18, 2017
What’s the difference between culture and employee engagement? Many people use the two terms interchangeably, but they differ in meaningful ways. And there is a time and place to focus on each. Let’s not conflate the two, or we may end up solving the wrong problem.
What the Ironman Taught Me about Communicating Goals
s+b articleDecember 18, 2017
How do you best communicate to your team what your organization’s priorities are? The old adage “What gets measured gets managed” speaks to the need to set goals, track progress, and support those objectives with metrics. But measuring is just one way to draw attention to an initiative, and it may not always be the best.
Getting to the Critical Few Behaviors That Can Drive Cultural Change
s+b articleDecember 18, 2017
Focusing on a “critical few” behaviors is one of the fundamental tenets of working effectively with organizational culture. Sometimes called keystone behaviors, these are patterns of acting that are tangible, repeatable, observable, and measurable, and will contribute to achieving an organization’s strategic and operational objectives.

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May, 2017
Organizations that are invested in the future know that diversity and inclusion aren’t platitudes — they are key to sustained growth. Recent studies have shown that diverse and inclusive operations tend to be more innovative, generate better ideas, and capture new markets.
December, 2016
Do you find yourself making the case for paying attention to the "fuzzy" side of the business — the intangible emotional forces that exist beneath the surface?
July, 2016
In this issue, we share three articles that explore the interplay between teams and culture - how teams respond and contribute to the culture that surrounds them, and conversely, how culture can enable and accelerate real teams.
April, 2016
Our research has found that organizations that focus on what’s best about their current culture have a higher degree of success at accelerating change and implementing a strategy that works.

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