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February 2017

What’s your digital ROI? Realizing the value of digital investments

Companies are spending billions to build up their data analytics capabilities, create more pleasing, insightful relationships with their customers, and make their operations more transparent and efficient. But are their digital investments worth it?

$2.1 trillion — Total worldwide spending on digital transformation in 2020, according to IDC.

Measuring return on investment is an especially difficult exercise when it comes to digitization. How do you quantify the financial value of greater customer insight, or better online experiences, or a digitized business process? This month, IT Foresight features What's your digital ROI? Realizing the value of digital investments, an in-depth consideration of the factors that create value in our digital world, and how to measure them.

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What’s your digital ROI?
Strategy& viewpoint
Digitization is transforming how companies in every industry go to market, interact with customers, and carry out their operations. So it’s essential that companies actively plan and monitor their digital investments in order to get their money’s worth out of the effort.
10 Principles of Strategy through Execution
s+b article
Brilliant strategies will get you nowhere if they aren't executed well. This is especially true as digital technology becomes increasingly central to the creation of value. Customers and employees alike now demand that companies are digitally sophisticated, be it their employer or business partner. As you execute your technology strategy, focus on the digital, including cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and other technologies that will give you the power and flexibility needed to carry out your overall corporate strategy.
Industry 4.0
Strategy& viewpoint
For every industrial company, the promise of the Industrial Internet of Things is enormous. And perhaps nowhere is it more important than in its potential to transform the supply chain. By combining a variety of digital tools—integrated planning and execution systems, logistics visibility, autonomous logistics, smart procurement and warehousing, spare parts management, and advanced analytics—fast-moving companies have the very real potential to win the battle for efficiency and speed to market.

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December, 2017
The relentless effort on the part of hackers to break into corporate networks shows no sign of letting up, and no organization is immune to the potential loss of sensitive data or the reputational risk.
November, 2017
Companies have benefitted greatly from the globalization of innovation. But the rise of economic nationalism threatens to reverse this trend, hampering corporate R&D and its positive impact on financial performance.

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