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February 2016

Two perspectives on driving digitization

What’s the most important attribute for digital success? According to PwC’s ninth annual Digital IQ study, it’s having a CEO who champions your company’s digital transformation. And the second most important factor? Making sure that the executive responsible for carrying out that transformation is also deeply engaged in setting your digital strategy. But who should that executive be?

62% — The percentage of spending on digital technologies taking place outside the purview of the traditional IT department.

This month’s issue of IT Foresight offers two invaluable perspectives on the rapidly growing importance of digitization in every company’s pursuit of competitive differentiation.

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Are you a Digital IQ leader?
The goal of PwC’s ninth annual Digital IQ® study was to determine the digital attributes that are enabling some companies to outperform their rivals. The results are clear: top-performing companies are more likely to have a CEO who is fully committed to attaining their digital goals. They search far and wide for the technologies and innovations that can help them reach those goals. They are better at turning the massive amount of data they collect into actionable insight. And they consistently measure the results of their digital efforts. Is your company on the right path to digital supremacy?
The 2015 Chief Digital Officer Study
Strategy& viewpoint
While companies that have established the role of the chief digital officer remain in the minority, these executives have already had a considerable effect on how their companies set and execute their digital strategies. The picture that emerges from our first annual study of CDOs suggests that they come from both technical and marketing backgrounds, that they are most likely to be members of the C-suite, where they help define the digital strategy, and that they are responsible for carrying out that strategy. Those who succeed at this complex task invariably remain flexible in their approach, and never take their eye off their companies’ business goals.
Digital IQ Benchmark Survey
Please take our brief Digital IQ® Benchmark survey, to see how your company’s digital efforts measure up to others in your industry and region.

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