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October 2016

The right Chief Digital Officer for your company

More and more companies around the world are hiring top executives to oversee the digital transformation of their business models, customer-facing activities, and internal operations.

5 — The number of different overarching Chief Digital Officer (CDO) archetypes.

Every company is different and not every CDO is suitable. Read more, to find out which is best suited for you.

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Safety in the Cloud
Cloud computing offers the potential for a new kind of cybersecurity no longer dependent on a never-ending arms race between companies and hackers, which companies often lose. How can you use the cloud to gain a competitive advantage through cybersecurity?

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October, 2018
What do you call companies that have successfully implemented Industry 4.0 technologies, developed the requisite ecosystems and nurtured a digital culture? We call them Digital Champions.
September, 2018
The great virtue of blockchain is the essentially trustworthy nature of the technology, and the vast majority of companies are actively looking into its use.