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December 2016

The next-generation sales force

Every corporate executive understands that the key to success in sales is to “know your customer.” You may have access to a wealth of digital data about customers, yet like most companies you may struggle to analyze that information properly, and enable the sales force to make use of it.

40% — The proportion of its time the sales force spends on non-client-facing work at the typical business-to-business company.

The current issue of IT Foresight features The next-generation sales force: Harnessing data to boost productivity, an in-depth analysis of how digitization is driving the effectiveness and efficiency of the corporate sales force. Better customer analytics is only part of the solution. A truly competitive sales force must also leverage digitization to determine its organization, operations, and incentives.

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The next-generation sales force
Strategy& viewpointFebruary 2, 2016
The digital age has arrived at sales forces around the globe, increasing efficiency and heating up competition. Now, every company must understand how to apply these new technologies to their sales efforts if they are to stay in the game. Done right, digitization will lead to more accurate customer segmentation, better clarity into sales roles, more effective sales operations, and a sales incentive program keyed to the right KPIs. Is your company keeping up?
The New Game of Global Tech
s+b article
No longer can companies belonging to the worldwide information, communications, and technology (ICT) industry be easily segmented into hardware, software, service, internet, and telecom sectors. Instead, convergence is now the name of the game as commoditization takes its toll on traditional products and services, and new technologies keep emerging. Under pressure of digitization, ICT companies are entering each other’s markets. Success is now determined by the clarity of the customer value proposition they choose in bringing their products and services to market.

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What do you call companies that have successfully implemented Industry 4.0 technologies, developed the requisite ecosystems and nurtured a digital culture? We call them Digital Champions.
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The great virtue of blockchain is the essentially trustworthy nature of the technology, and the vast majority of companies are actively looking into its use.