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June 2016

A guide to M&A in the digital age

In their search for better customer experiences and more efficient internal operations, large corporations in every industry are buying up more and more digital companies. But choosing the right company to buy is no easy task, much less integrating it into a much larger operation, without losing its distinctive innovative qualities.

32% — The percentage of all M&A transactions worldwide that involved the acquisition of digital companies, in 2015.

This month’s issue of IT Foresight features Will You Be Mine in the Digital World? — an in-depth investigation into how companies should proceed as they look to strengthen their digital capabilities. Such deals, however, present real risks in how to properly value proposed digital targets and integrate them smoothly after the deal is done. Here’s how to mitigate those risks.

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Will You Be Mine in the Digital World?
The number of deals completed in 2015 in which traditional corporations acquire digital companies has increased by almost half since 2011. The reasons are obvious — these firms need to boost their presence in a rapidly digitizing world quickly. We offer advice on how to find the best digital targets, value them fairly and integrate them.
Clarity from above
Across the globe, drones are expected to replace $127 billion worth of services and labor in all manner of business applications, according to a recent report by Drone Powered Solutions, PwC's center of excellence. And it is going to happen faster than you think. Their greatest impact will likely be felt in agriculture, infrastructure, and transportation, but no industry is immune to the radical disruptions this exciting technology will cause.
Center of Excellence
Drone Powered Solutions is a dedicated team of PwC Poland supporting its clients from various industries in terms of maximizing the potential offered by drone technologies.

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