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April 2016

Can health systems IT be both effective and efficient?

Every day, IT executives must make difficult tradeoffs between efficiency and effectiveness. Budgets are limited, but business users keep demanding more and more functionality. The IT on which health systems depend is a case in point — regulators demand more technology – most notably electronic medical records – even as revenues decline.

32% — The increase in health systems’ IT costs between 2010 and 2015.

This issue of IT Foresight features our perspective on how health systems can best overcome the devil’s bargain between effectiveness and efficiency in an ever more challenging healthcare environment. We also offer a video commenting on how to maintain a smooth working relationship between CIOs and CMOs.

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Health systems and the IT transformation imperative
Strategy& viewpoint
Healthcare regulations and compliance requirements are rising, even as health systems struggle to develop new business models and revenue streams. To meet the challenge, IT departments throughout the industry must find the right balance between IT efficiency and effectiveness. The only solution: design an IT strategy based on the distinctive technologies that distinguish you from competitors, then cut where you can and use the savings to invest where you need to.
The power of a CIO-CMO partnership
In a changing business environment in which more and more of the money that companies invest in technology is spent outside of the IT department’s purview, the potential for conflict between the CIO and the CMO is high. To reduce it, the two must come together to agree on strategy, bring the right knowledge and skills to the table, and clearly define the roles and responsibilities of their respective organizations.
Managing the corporate segment in the digital era
Strategy& viewpoint
Telecommunications operators are facing considerable demand from their corporate customers to provide a variety of products such as cloud services, machine-to-machine services, unified communications, big data, and IT outsourcing. If they are to do so, they need to devise a more disciplined go-to-market strategy to determine which products are the most promising, the skills, capabilities, and delivery models required, and how these new offerings fit into their current product portfolio.

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