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What the Top Innovators Get Right

Plenty of companies spend lots of money on R&D, yet struggle to translate their spending into real growth. What does it take to turn your innovation efforts into outstanding performance?

2.6x the rate at which “high-leverage innovators” outperform the average company in sales growth from 2012 to 2017.

This month’s issue of IT Foresight features “ What the Top Innovators Get Right, ” our annual study of the 1,000 companies around the world that spend the most on R&D. This year’s edition focuses on the 88 “high-leverage innovators” that beat the financial performance of the average company on the list, while actually spending less on R&D as a percentage of revenues. The key: strong support for innovation throughout the organization, and tight connections to customer needs.

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What the Top Innovators Get Right
s+b article
Global spending on R&D in 2018 was up 11.4 percent over 2017, to a record US$782 billion. As always, however, there is no long-term correlation between how much a company spends on innovation and its overall financial performance. Innovation success is a matter of how effectively companies translate their R&D spending into higher revenues and earnings. This article pinpoints the six critical characteristics of companies that make the most of their investment in innovation, year after year.
2019 AI Predictions
PwC article
Forget pilot programs. Ignore your doubts. It’s time for every company to get real about artificial intelligence. But how? The watchword is practicality. This report offers six practical recommendations for scaling up AI throughout your organization. Commit to your AI strategy. Get your data ready and prepare your workforce. And make sure you use this powerful technology responsibly.
What Business Fears about AI—and How to Trust It
PwC article
According to our recent survey, few executives in the U.S. question the long-term value of artificial intelligence. But, as this infographic shows, ensuring its trustworthiness remains a top concern. Nearly two thirds of respondents say they are already taking steps to boost AI security, and more than 60 percent say their companies are creating transparent, provable AI models.