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June 2017

The Strategy& Chief Digital Officer Study

The rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) has been swift. Companies in every industry now feel the pressing need to ensure an orderly transition to the digital age if they are to reap its full benefits, and the CDO has emerged as a key player in the effort.

60% — of current CDOs were hired since 2015.

This month’s issue of IT Foresight features our second annual CDO study, and the companion article from strategy+business magazine, The New Class of Digital Leaders. This year’s study focuses on how CDOs can overcome the organizational challenges they will likely face as they guide their companies through the transformation needed to ensure digital success—in organization, governance, capabilities, business processes, underlying technology, and culture.

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The Strategy& Chief Digital Officer Study
Strategy& viewpoint
The results of our second annual study of CDOs are in: the percentage of companies that have appointed a digital leader has risen threefold since last year, to almost 20 percent. Further analysis and in-depth interviews with current CDOs shows that whether or not they are new to their position, CDOs must manage three key issues: the need to unify the digital agenda, find the talent needed to carry out that agenda, and update their legacy IT systems. How they work through these challenges will largely determine how fast they move into the digital age. Read the companion strategy business article.
The Global 100 Software Leaders
PwC article
Leading off with our semiannual study of the top 100 software companies, ranked by revenue, this series of articles offers a complete picture of the state of the software industry. Topics include analyses of the fastest growing software makers in emerging markets, the growth of SaaS and cloud computing companies, and the increasingly disruptive role of software in industries ranging from healthcare to financial services to manufacturing.
Meeting the Fintech Challenge
s+b article
How should the financial services sector’s major players respond to the rapid rise of the so-called fintechs—non-traditional firms offering inexpensive and highly targeted online lending, money transfer, credit ratings, and other financial services? Playing a “sit-and-wait” game, updating legacy IT systems, or trying to buy and integrate new players won’t work. Instead, banks and insurance companies must restructure themselves as the basis of an entire fintech ecosystem, looking outward to capture new ideas, business models, and technologies that will enable them to revamp their entire approach to customers.

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