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March 2016

Building capabilities-driven enterprise architecture

For decades, IT departments and their business counterparts have tried hard to align their efforts to execute corporate strategy and create real value — with decidedly mixed results. Now, as companies turn to digitization to improve customer experience and internal operations, the stakes are even higher. Can rethinking how enterprise architecture can best support business objectives help?

56% — of top executives say their companies struggle to allocate money and resources in a way that really supports their corporate strategy.

In this issue of IT Foresight we feature an in-depth analysis of the changing role of enterprise architecture in a fast-digitizing world. Never has this been more important than in today’s digitized economy. This issue also offers a detailed look at how one company succeeded in transforming the role of its EA team to fully support its digital capabilities.

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Enterprise Architecture Planning 2.0
This is the story of how one hypothetical industrial company employed Capabilities Architecture Planning to jumpstart its efforts to become a fully digital enterprise. In the process, the enterprise architecture team engaged directly with its business counterparts to lay out clearly and pragmatically the capabilities needed to transform its digital vision into reality, and the technological and organizational structures that would best support those capabilities.
Strong C-suite collaboration builds lasting value from technology
As companies go digital, technology has become an enterprise-wide responsibility, and strong collaboration on the part of every member of the C-suite has become a critical element of success. Indeed, C-suites that think together and act together achieve better results, as members of the PwC digital technology team make clear in this video.

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