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May 2018

Automation now: Straight talk to empower your people and drive business

A variety of new digital tools has sparked renewed interest in business process automation (BPA). The key to success is to not get hung up on the technology, but to focus on the benefits to be gained, and to manage the transition effectively.

Intelligent automation: Business-led efforts that use artificial intelligence to optimize workflows, augmenting human efforts with data and algorithmic processes.

The power of BPA lies not simply in cutting labor costs and time. Read this month’s feature article, “Automation now: Straight talk to empower your people and drive business,” to gain insights into how BPA can lead to more innovation, new operating models, greater agility, and better customer service. The key to achieving these benefits lies in working from the business outward, devising new governance mechanisms, and putting people at the center of the transformation effort.

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Automation now: Straight talk to empower your people and get it right
PwC article
The effort to automate more and more business processes is heating up as new technologies like robotic process automation, natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence grow in power and value. This perspective poses five key questions every company needs to be able to answer in order to implement these technologies smoothly, profitably, and with minimal adverse impact on your operations and people.
The New Automation Is Smart, Fast, and Small
s+b article
Major IT automation efforts typically cost tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, and all too often fail. Now, however, companies can ease the transition to new ways of operating through so-called “small automation.” By implementing new automation technologies focusing on specific business pain points in short “sprints,” companies can significantly reduce the time and resources required. The key is to ensure that these efforts create real value while leading to more productive, higher-level work for all involved.
Experience is everything: Here’s how to get it right
PwC article
What makes a good customer experience? According to the more than 15,000 consumers around the world we recently surveyed, it’s simple: Speed, convenience, consistency, and friendliness. Simple, perhaps, but not easy. The secret lies in maintaining a connection with humans—and to make sure every technology-enabled experience you create retains the human element.

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