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The following videos, articles, and books were authored and presented by PwC's Strategy& partners and other senior professionals on key topics in the media and entertainment sector.

2015 Telecommunications Trends
Wired and wireless carriers confront a rapidly shifting technology landscape in which small steps toward digitization are no longer enough.
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Computer hardware and software firms must choose between profit margins and revenue growth while eyeing new delivery models. 
Battle for the cloud
The study ranks the 50 largest publicly held business-to-business suppliers of digitization-related products, services, and infrastructure. This year, cloud computing, digital fabrication, and the "Internet of things" are transforming how companies build and manage their IT. Industry leaders at the forefront of these trends have already gained a competitive edge.

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Traditional media companies have recently started partnering with or acquiring multichannel networks. The next step is to help the networks produce more content, seek out global audiences, and diversify their distribution and revenue streams beyond YouTube.
In its second year, this study analyzes the top companies in the digitization ecosystem, describing which are prospering and which are not, and providing some guidance about why. Dividing them into four sectors — hardware, software, IT services, and telecom — we consider the factors that determine their influence.
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The media industry is evolving. As consumers increasingly turn to digital channels, traditional media companies are struggling to adapt their workflow, technology, and content management capabilities.
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Digitization in emerging countries could deliver US$6.3 trillion in additional nominal GDP and 77 million new jobs over the next 10 years. However, it will require a concerted public and private effort to bring digitization to the world’s poorest people.