Today’s health care issues are as urgent as they are complex. Escalating costs, inconsistent quality, limited access, and devastating pandemics are all pressing problems that have no easy solutions. We work with leading health care institutions around the globe to define and execute their strategies, restructure their organizations, and put in place new capabilities to capture competitive advantage. PwC's Strategy& India combines deep industry knowledge with extensive functional expertise to help our clients succeed.

Our India health practice works closely with life sciences companies, payors, providers, government healthcare agencies, and NGOs to address their top-of-mind concerns as well as to drive their capabilities agenda. Our work includes addressing both strategic and operational issues that face the senior management across these organizations. Our consultants have consistently worked on cutting-edge business challenges and have helped frame solutions that build and sustain the “essential advantage” for our clients. Our recent experience with healthcare companies in India consists of projects across growth strategy, organizational design, and market entry strategy.

We are differentiated from our competitors in our ability to deliver implementable solutions to the client’s problems while effectively leveraging our local and global expertise.

Our thought leadership

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Riding a wave of policy turmoil, consumer empowerment, and tightening margins, payors and providers have no choice but to go bold.
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The days of the disengaged health consumer are numbered. Consumerization will transform healthcare systems, involving individuals as never before in the management of their own care.
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New competitors in the health industry may soon be able to offer plans with cost as much as 80 percent lower than those of a typical plan today.

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Client examples

Growth strategy for a leading global life sciences company

Our client was a large multinational food company with an emerging presence in India, albeit relegated to the top 10 cities. The client engaged Strategy& India to assess market potential and strategy (market size, treatment pathways, competitive dynamics, revenue projections, sales force sizing) for two new drugs in the central nervous system and cardiovascular therapeutic areas. Additionally, the client sought our advice on how to grow sales for existing products in smaller cities, including potentially targeting allied physicians. Strategy& India worked very closely with the client team and an external market research firm in conducting interviews with patients and physicians to assess opportunity size for the latter study.

Organizational design for the new consumer care division of a big pharma company

A leading global pharmaceutical company operating in India wished to create a new division centered on consumer care. The company wanted to transfer specific drugs from prescription-only to over-the-counter status, to form the foundation of the new consumer care business. The client was seeking assistance to build a new organization and sales team, that could be deployed optimally across the country to propel sales of its consumer care products in both chemist and retail channels. Strategy& India provided the needed assistance: We ran diagnostics of the brands that were proposed for transfer to the new entity, conducted a deep dive on the distributor base to assess productivity issues around target products, developed a divisional and sales organizational structure, created a robust and detailed sales deployment model plotting target areas for sales managers across levels, estimated the total investment required, and prepared a time line and action plan to build the new organization.

India entry strategy for a leading global health insurance player

Our client was a leading U.S.-based health insurance and managed healthcare company that was looking to expand its global footprint. It hired Strategy& India to assess the Indian health insurance market and evaluate India entry options. We conducted extensive interviews with industry stakeholders; outlined market demand by segment; identified regulatory/market trends, latent customer needs, and untapped profit pools in the Indian market; analyzed the competitive landscape; evaluated operating models; and developed financial projections through 2020 for the company’s India opportunity. Finally, Strategy& India provided a strategic road map and a shortlist of key partnership and acquisition opportunities.