Pharmaceutical company consumer adherence product strategy


The adherence and compliance of consumers to treatments is a major factor in both care outcomes and product success.

A top-tier global pharmaceutical company engaged Strategy& because, after having developed a powerful new combination therapy, it discovered that low levels of patient adherence and compliance were undercutting the drug’s effectiveness and sales.

How we helped

The client sought to develop a suite of services for patients and health care providers aimed at improving the uptake, throughput, and treatment adherence of a new combination therapy (a base therapy plus a new drug), in order to make the drug more attractive for patients.

Strategy& analyzed the patient experience to identify the key issues and obstacles at each step of therapy. We designed and conducted a market research study with selected external partners to validate patient and healthcare professional issues. Then, we developed solution options to address each obstacle.


Strategy& developed a comprehensive toolkit for adherence and compliance containing detailed descriptions of nine solution components, including recommendations for content, the look and feel of each solution, as well as an overarching plan for implementation.

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