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The healthcare landscape continues to transform in new ways. Amid escalating costs, quality challenges, uneven access to care, continued economic challenges, and ongoing healthcare reforms, companies must continue reassessing how best to serve and succeed in the market.

PwC’s Strategy& works with leading healthcare organizations around the globe on all these issues and much more to navigate the different bases of competition and build the capabilities necessary to deliver lasting value. We combine deep industry knowledge with extensive functional expertise to help clients including payors, health systems and other providers, life sciences companies, public health agencies, health NGOs, and advocacy organizations.

Engage customers, create value

2017 Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Trends

Our world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Each year, Strategy& looks at the major trends shaping different industries to help you navigate the challenges and seize opportunities.

The New Health Economy is inspiring fresh ways to manage data, place a value on medical treatments and deal with empowered patients.

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How we can help you

  • Payor
  • Health systems
    and other providers
  • Life sciences
  • Public health
  • Health NGOs and
    advocacy organizations

Strategy& helps payors and other stakeholders across medical and ancillary insurance industries develop and implement strategies to address strategic imperatives and find opportunities for profitable growth. As pragmatic strategists with leading expertise across the healthcare landscape, we work with our clients to develop and execute end-to-end solutions that are grounded in building or sourcing a set of coherent and relevant differentiating capabilities. Service offerings include:

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We help clients thrive in an era of increasing integration, technical innovation, and regulatory uncertainty. Strategy& works with senior leadership teams at hospitals, health systems, physician groups, and other healthcare service providers to develop and implement strategies that will bring long-term, profitable growth. Service offerings include:

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Strategy& combines deep functional expertise with a unique strategic perspective based on our leading position working across the health system. The experience of our life sciences team covers the full spectrum of consulting services, from strategy to operations, from information technology systems to formal organization, helping clients achieve hard financial goals as well as transform their organizations and cultures. We work with respected global, regional, and specialty pharmaceutical companies, biotech, OTC health, diagnostic and medical device companies worldwide. Service offerings include:

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Strategy& serves both commercial and government clients across the entire healthcare value chain. We are committed to developing strategies to enhance access to quality care while developing innovative ways to improve the management and economics of healthcare for patients, clinical providers, policymakers, and insurers. To address these challenges, Strategy& works with leaders in all segments of the health sector to advance consumer-focused care management, public health planning, patient safety, clinical information management, and healthcare supply chain management. We help clients build robust health systems that can cope with the requirements mandated by ongoing and future changes on the demand and supply side. Service offerings include:

  • Health reform
  • E-Health
  • Preventive health
  • Business planning and operations

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Strategy& partners with nongovernmental organizations worldwide to help advance a variety of health-related missions. We work with NGOs to define their strategic focus as well as help them build the capabilities needed to promote their mission, acting both on their own as well as in concert with other organizations. Strategy& brings particularly deep expertise in fostering collaborative partnerships across the NGO, private, and public sectors, working on topics related to access to medicines, corporate social responsibility, differential pricing and other key issues.

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