CEOs in chemicals look to the future: Key findings from 20 years of surveys of industry leaders

Iris Herrmann, Matthias Bäumler, Marcus Morawietz
October 11, 2017

Chemical industry leaders are less optimistic about the future. After a period of high M&A activity, their focus is on organic growth and cost reduction - and investments in innovation and human capital are being prioritized to drive new opportunities. Digitization will lead to first tangible changes in 2-3 years.

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In a nutshell...

  • Organic growth and cost reduction remain the dominant topics on the CEO agenda
  • M&A is another major lever for growth and for further improving portfolio and sharpening differentiating capabilities
  • Investment in innovation and human capital have clear priority
  • Diversification of talent base and establishment of new capabilities will be crucial to deliver against growth strategies in a challenging environment
  • First tangible impact is to be expected after 2–3 years of exploring the digital agenda


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