Mizuki Kato

Mizuki Kato

Partner, PwC Japan

Mizuki Kato is a leading practitioner in insurance and transportation strategies for Strategy&, PwC's strategy consulting group. Based in Tokyo, he is a Partner with PwC Consulting LLC. He leads strategic and large-scale People and Organization Strategy agenda programs such as PMI, Privatization, and Transformation in Tokyo.

He specializes primarily in insurance and secondly in the transportation sector, helping clients transform themselves in the competitive business environment.

For example, he led three large-scale transformation programs in the last five years, with insurance companies (1.5 years), a privatized highway operator (2.5 years) and a privatized financial service company (3 years). These cover key strategic agendas including growth strategy, new business development, operational excellence, cost saving, group company management, and IT integration.

Mizuki has 12 years of consulting experience. Before joining Strategy&, he was a senior consultant at Gemini Consulting where he experienced a wide variety of marketing and organization assignments for clients primarily in the financial services sector.

He holds a BA in Law from the University of Tokyo.

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