Senior Associate, Netherlands

What is your background?

I studied Economics and International Business in Poland, my home country. During my studies, I worked for a local branch of Deutsche Bank as an advisor to business and small corporate clients. I came to Amsterdam through AIESEC, to do an internship at ABN AMRO and stayed for three years working on multiple projects to roll out a strategic change programme in the international Private Banking network. I then joined UBS in Zurich where I worked on finding a viable solution to address changing regulation and streamline some of the bank’s key revenue streams. I joined Strategy& after completing my MBA at INSEAD.

Why consulting?

Through the experiences I gained at Deutsche Bank, ABN AMRO and UBS, I realised that what I enjoy most are those initial stages of a project where nothing is clear, yet, and when you’re only faced with a problem or an ambition. I draw energy and excitement from having to “crack the nut”, brainstorm solutions and make them tangible by developing a plan of attack. I felt that consulting would be a great way to turn this passion into a career. When I had a chance to work alongside consultants on one of the projects, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue.

Why Strategy&?

In choosing a place to work, company culture is a top priority. Over the years, I understood that it is the people around you who can help bring out your true potential. Talking to Strategy&, I met a lot of unbelievably smart, ambitious, fun loving people, who, at the same time, are humble, warm and attentive to others. With them, I felt I could be myself, and I was not disappointed. Whether you are celebrating your success or having a difficult time, at Strategy& you can be sure you will not be alone.

What do you like most about your job?

What I enjoy most about my job is having the opportunity to understand how organisations work and how they evolve. Observing first-hand how decisions are made on top management level and being able to contribute to the discussions and shape the solution is exhilarating. Next to this, what I like is the constant change and great variety of projects. No two engagements are the same, which keeps you on your toes and constantly pushes your intellectual boundaries.


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