Steve Jennings

Steve Jennings


Steve leads PwC’s Power and Utilities Sector Practice in the UK. He has over 20 years experience of providing strategic advisory services to utility sector clients including energy suppliers and generators, distribution and transmission operators and water companies.

His experience has covered all parts of the value chain and has focused on the impact of market reform, regulation and competition on the need for new operating models and strategic change programmes.

Authored articles

  • 2017 Power and Utilities Trends


    The push into emerging energy services will affect more than individual companies. It will reshape the power and utility landscape, favoring utilities that grow beyond their traditional business model to build a market-based technology and related services portfolio. As power utilities make this move, the industry will change around them, in ways that are still hard to predict, in part because the technology is still evolving. Now that customers are interested and see these changes as beneficial, they are ready for a new relationship with energy providers. The primary limit for utilities is their own ability, whether in marshaling their capital, establishing productive partnerships, choosing effective technologies, or bringing to scale the capabilities they will need to thrive over time in this new world.

    Rhys Kealley also contributed to this report.