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The following articles were written by Strategy& partners and other senior professionals on key topics in the area of people and organization strategy.

The Uncertainty Advantage
Creative leaders don’t fear risk — they turn it into a money-making strategy
10 Principles of Strategic Leadership
How to develop and retain leaders who can guide your organization through times of fundamental change.
2015 CEO Success study
This is the 16th year that Strategy& has examined CEO changes among the world’s top 2,500 public companies. This year, we focus on outsider CEOs and the circumstances in which outsiders are being hired.
10 Principles of Organizational Culture
Companies can tap their natural advantage when they focus on changing a few important behaviors, enlist informal leaders, and harness the power of employees’ emotions.
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There is a golden opportunity today for the leaders of HR, IT, finance, operations, R&D, marketing, sales, sourcing, and other corporate functions and shared services. With routine tasks shrinking and the need for capabilities ascending, functions can become “fit for purpose”: changing their portfolio of activities to focus primarily on those that are strategically important to the enterprise as a whole.