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The following articles were written by Strategy& partners and other senior professionals on key topics in the area of product and service innovation.

The new make-or-buy question
In the past, companies evaluated whether to make components and parts themselves or buy them from suppliers by determining the total cost of ownership. But in today’s business environment, the “as-is” method of viewing a business through current marketplace conditions, requirements, and supply chain availability is no longer sufficient.
Chemicals industry
As the marketplace shifts, chemicals companies need to sharpen how they provide value for customers, and assess their capabilities and the best way to differentiate from competitors. Companies that do this analysis and then mold their strategies to their differentiating capabilities will find that disruptions can catalyze sustainable, profitable growth.
Experience matters
Digitization is continuously changing the ways companies in industries as diverse as retailing, hospitality, media and entertainment, and technology create value — for themselves and for their customers.
The missing link
Proximity marketing is emerging as a key strategy for marketers to connect with consumers through their mobile devices. However, an effective strategy depends on marketers simultaneously defining their business goals; designing an effective customer experience; and understanding the technology needed to enable their strategy and realize their goals.
Community solar
The power and utility industry is witnessing an unprecedented wave of transformational changes. Community solar is one of the more intriguing components of this burgeoning industry. Market players must comprehend how community solar fits into the emerging competitive landscape and figure out how to redefine their operational and marketing strategies.