Product development excellence

Our product development excellence service offering helps companies create strong innovation engines backed by a deep knowledge of customers and the ability to rapidly convert good ideas into successful products.

Implementing consistent product development processes, however, can take a company only so far in achieving product development excellence. Leading innovators know what their customers want and work to partner with them for product ideas and improvement. And they learn to develop new products faster and make a point of fully leveraging the capabilities of their partners and suppliers.

Strategy&’s approach to product development begins by diagnosing the client’s current innovation processes and results, and then helping them build distinctive capabilities to drive future performance. Those capabilities include open innovation networks that can integrate global customers, partners and suppliers to generate more high-value ideas, and product development and lifecycle management processes that enable companies to bring the right new products to market faster.

Our thought leadership

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A new strategy recommends putting out new products in large volume and letting the marketplace — not focus groups — separate winners from losers.
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Strategy& Partner Alexander Kandybin on why consumer products companies should look to the power of natural selection to break out of the incremental innovation trap.
Powering up the neighborhood grid
Microgrids, the small technological complexes that can supplement or replace a central power grid, have been very much on the radar of many industrial suppliers and manufacturers for the past few years.

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Client examples

Extended client teams helped this PC maker develop a new product development process that cut time-to-market significantly.

A new product development model for this semiconductor company made better use of its intellectual capital and led to higher revenues and margins.

Reorganizing this global auto supplier’s product development structure led to more efficient use of resources.

Rebalancing the engineering workload improved resource usage and boosted quality at this automotive OEM.

Lean product development practices is helping this mid-size oil and gas major is speeding up the commercialization of its newly discovered gas assets.