Better portfolio management and accountability

Strategy& was retained by a major telecommunications equipment maker whose innovation performance did not meet its business requirements. The client had limited portfolio-management capabilities and processes in place, as well as limited accountability for post-launch product performance. The company was not eliminating products that showed continued poor performance, and the products it did develop were unpredictable in terms of time, cost, value, and quality.

Strategy& supported the client in developing and institutionalizing a new portfolio planning and management capability, deploying a process to ensure that the entire organization was prepared for product launches, and devising a post-launch assessment mechanism.

To improve the effectiveness of the company’s innovation efforts, Strategy& focused on three things: strategic alignment, a stage-gate development process, and operational discipline. First, we established portfolio planning and management processes to provide visibility into the composition and balance of the portfolio, in order to ensure alignment with overall strategy. Second, we redesigned processes to institutionalize discipline, driving product ownership, accountability, and results. Finally, we developed metrics to provide visibility into project and portfolio performance and to establish a direct link to overall business requirements.