Over many decades, PwC’s Strategy& has served a wide range of telecommunications players: operators and suppliers; wireless, wireline, cable, ISP, and infrastructure-agnostic players; incumbents and new entrants, in established as well as emerging markets.

The industry has changed significantly, and it continues to do so — fueled by liberalization trends and technology developments, shifts in consumer behavior, and evolving competitive dynamics.

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2017 Telecommunications Industry Trends
Upheaval has long been predicted yet surprisingly slow to unfold. Has the tipping point moment finally arrived? Executives should carefully consider their next moves.
An industry at risk
Competitive pressure is rising in the global wireless telephony industry. Individual operators must examine their cost structures, shedding nonessential activities and investing the savings in new capabilities. Then they must scrutinize their core connectivity businesses to determine where the real value lies.
Cutting the last cord
The SIM card is finally going virtual and the world of telecommunications companies is about to be turned upside down. Consumers will soon be in control, choosing an operator and a price plan and connecting to telecom networks in much the same easy way as with Wi-Fi.

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The revival of fixed infrastructure
The rapid growth of mobile devices is putting the capacity of mobile networks under enormous strain. For the most part, network operators are not taking full advantage of...
Customer value management
To find paths to profitable growth, telecom operators need to stop depending solely on metrics such as gross adds and market share. A customer value management (CVM)...
Value-based network management for telecoms
A new approach harnesses big data to give telecom operators a comprehensive view of the behavior, loyalty, and value of specific customers on their networks. In turn,...
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As over-the-top (OTT) companies like Netflix, Skype, and Google encroach on the telecom industry, operators need to find ways to counter the threat. That means leveraging...
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Telecom companies face increased competition and rising network costs, which are reducing their gross earnings. Instead of responding with cost-cutting, they should undertake...
Managing the corporate segment in the digital era
Telecommunications operators are under increasing pressure from corporate customers to offer advanced digital/information and communications technology (ICT) services. To...

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