Oil and gas

Oil and gas

The global recession has created new challenges and opportunities for both upstream and downstream players. PwC’s Strategy& provides concrete ways to ride out the storm and emerge stronger.

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2017 Oil and Gas Trends
How energy companies can adjust their business models to a period of recovery.
Infrastructure and mining
The infrastructure and mining practice at Strategy& leverages its strategic planning expertise and deep understanding of global power, gas, and water markets to help suppliers across these sectors navigate and respond to evolving business challenges.
Our Megaprojects expertise
Strategy& works with all types of megaproject stakeholders, including corporate owners, engineering procurement and construction (EPC) firms, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), governments, and major suppliers to improve the likelihood that megaproject scope will be delivered safely, on-time, on budget, and with high quality.

Our thought leadership

Navigating the transformation of the gas market
With a growing glut in globally tradable LNG, all industry players will need to adjust their operating models. But they can succeed by carving out a focused value proposition and developing the capabilities to deliver it.
A Strategist’s Guide to Power Industry Transformation
The way we create, use, and manage electricity is finally changing, and the implications go far beyond the utility sector.
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The low price of oil is creating a ripple effect across a number of industries and market segments. In this brief piece, Strategy& experts examine the impact $50 oil is currently having on spending within the oil and gas products and services space.
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This year, the dramatic collapse of oil prices and the need for oil and gas producers to sharply curtail their capital budgets have revealed fundamental shortcomings and weaknesses in the OFS sector.
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Oil and gas companies need a dynamic strategy that is flexible enough to adapt to changes in the operating environment. Differentiating capabilities set the broad direction of travel, but companies will be able to adapt, as sailors do, in response to changes in the prevailing wind.
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Oil and gas companies face rising development costs and greater complexity in building new projects.
From compliance to commitment
Leading upstream oil and gas companies are focusing on operational excellence (OE) as a way to manage rising costs and safety risks.

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How we help our clients

Strategy development

We help clients define and execute on corporate and business unit strategies. Our teams help clients consider future market scenarios, evaluate alternative strategic visions and choices, and execute selected strategies.

  • Global, regional, and local strategies
  • Growth and business renewal
  • Distinctive strategies that break out and are competitive
  • Changing industry position, challenging status quo
Operations readines

We assist clients in achieving maximum effectiveness in day-to-day business operations, while tackling maturity onset or new project expansions

  • Operating model review
  • Operating process design and alignment, including lean manufacturing
  • Functional support improvement and excellence (finance, HR, IT)
  • Operations effectiveness, efficiency, and integrity
Organizational design

We work with clients to build organizations capable of achieving their strategic objectives. Our teams help clients align all elements of the organization, including decision rights, information flows, performance management systems, and structure. In addition, we assist clients in developing human capital strategies that promote required organizational capabilities.

  • Organizational structure, decision rights, and information flows
  • Organizational processes and performance improvement
  • Human capital strategies, processes, and tools
Technology deployment

We help clients build competitive strategies for the access, development, and deployment of new technologies. We work with clients in the front office to help them realize the full potential of digital surface and subsurface technology in new and mature operating environments, as well as in the back office to improve efficiency and optimize support for enterprise management of scarce resources.

  • Technology strategy and portfolio management>
  • Business needs and technology development or selection
  • Program design and implementation>
Performance and capability management

We work alongside clients to tackle tight labor markets, build new skills, meet discipline requirements, and build sustainable workforce strategies.

  • Performance culture and capability assessment
  • Learning and development strategy
  • Resourcing, recruitment, and retention
  • Workforce and capability planning
  • Improving performance discipline and effectiveness

Client examples

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