Science leadership profiler

Despite increasing innovation spend over the last several years, innovation rates across industries have often been disappointing. New research by Strategy& points to an unexpected and unheralded source of potential productivity — mid-level managers in the R&D function. Companies can raise their productivity significantly by recognizing and activating the unique impact of leaders across the middle.

Leaders at this level have the ability to identify and enable the company’s most creative researchers, to cultivate new insights, to identify and connect with the most promising external sources of innovation, to nurture and navigate promising ideas through complex organizational decision making, to reinforce an environment of top-quality science, and to keep the brightest minds engaged day in and day out. These leaders represent an underutilized asset that could, if properly activated, lead to new breakthroughs in R&D productivity.

Do your mid-level managers have clearly delineated roles enabling them to make critical decisions and move promising programs forward?

Do they possess the necessary skills to harness the creativity of your most productive scientists?

Use this brief assessment tool to profile your science leadership capabilities and understand potential steps to help you succeed.

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