Health systems and other providers

We work with hospitals, health systems, physician groups, and other healthcare service providers including home health, long-term care, and diagnostic services companies. We help our clients address today’s greatest challenges facing healthcare delivery globally - keeping healthcare costs down, improving patient experience, and delivering and demonstrating better outcomes. Toward this end, we help senior leadership teams develop and implement strategies to address their strategic imperatives and find opportunities to pursue profitable growth:

  • Strategic re-positioning
  • Transformative cost reduction
  • Organic growth and M&A
  • IT investment benefit capture New business, care delivery, and payment model transition

Our thought leadership

Why Healthcare Companies Need to Focus on Enterprise Resilience
Pursuing effective growth strategies will help firms navigate the uncertainty in the U.S. market.
Virtual health
Successful virtual health strategies will help health systems achieve four important business objectives: better outcomes, improved access and patient experience, reduced costs, and revenue growth.
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There’s a new boss in U.S. healthcare: the consumer. That’s the key finding in an extensive survey of 2,339 U.S. residents by Strategy&.
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Many hospitals and healthcare systems are not prepared for the way their function and forms will change in the next few years. They appear to be stuck, as if waiting for competitors, regulators, and payors to tell them how to define themselves.
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Find out how hospitals can sustainably reduce costs and thrive in an era of declining reimbursements.
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Bundled care is one approach to extending health care to all Americans at affordable prices with no sacrifice in quality.
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An analysis of M&A among hospitals and health systems shows that typical deal drivers do not lead to success. By contrast, an M&A strategy that leverages the capability systems of the deal partners is overwhelmingly successful.

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Service areas

Within the provider sector, our specific service areas include:

  • Formulating strategy
  • Driving growth
  • Transitioning to new business, care delivery and payment models
  • Creating transformational cost reduction
  • Capturing the benefits of information technology