Personalized Medicine (PMx)

PMx enables the right therapy to be delivered to the right patient at the right time and is critical to the continued success of the healthcare industry. In addition to increasing the clinical value of therapies and bringing about increased efficacy, PMx increases system-wide efficiency. As life expectancies continue to rise, once fatal diseases reach a point of “chronification,” and options for therapy continue to grow, PMx approaches will be critical levers in improving outcomes and bending the healthcare cost-curve, by targeting therapies developed at a molecular pathway level to carefully selected cohorts of patients, thereby reducing the costs and morbidities of delivering to non-responders.

The leading pharmaceutical companies have precision medicine, tailored therapies, and personalized healthcare embedded in their statements of corporate strategy. Yet while there have been some spectacular success stories in oncology personalized medicine, the capabilities required to successfully develop diversified portfolios using PMx approaches are neither universally understood nor deeply entrenched.

Our personalized medicine practice helps clients move from concept to action, whether it is enterprise-wide transformation, functional capability enhancements, or product-specific companion diagnostic opportunities. Our work is rooted in an unparalleled understanding of today’s industry dynamics related to PMx. We provide leading commercial and scientific foresight in PMx, supported by proven frameworks for helping clients assess their position, and a track record of positive impact.

Our thought leadership

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Service areas

Within the personalized medicine sector, our specific service areas include:

  • SCORR™ - Assessment of strengths and weaknesses in Dx for Rx
  • PMx R&D and commercialization capabilities and analysis
  • Translational sciences and medicine
  • Therapeutic area analysis
  • Maximizing Dx for Rx
  • Dx tools and technologies
  • Dx diversification