We work with payors, benefits consultants and administrators, as well as technology and service providers across insurance industries, in framing and enabling their strategic agenda. We help clients develop and execute strategies for:

  • Long-term sustainability given economic and regulatory headwinds
  • Profitable growth through new markets expansion, M&A , and revenue diversification emphasizing core capabilities
  • Operating model transformation and capability development to support growth and sustainability initiatives
  • Affordable, quality care throughout care delivery transformations

Our offerings span the entire functional spectrum, ranging from corporate and business unit strategy development to organizational design to large-scale cost transformation and capability development.

Our thought leadership

Why Healthcare Companies Need to Focus on Enterprise Resilience
Pursuing effective growth strategies will help firms navigate the uncertainty in the U.S. market.
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There’s a new boss in U.S. healthcare: the consumer. That’s the key finding in an extensive survey of 2,339 U.S. residents by Strategy&.
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Now that private exchanges are entering the market, the large employers that most exchanges are targeting may not be the most attractive.
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New competitors in the health industry may soon be able to offer plans with cost as much as 80 percent lower than those of a typical plan today.
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The goal of extending healthcare to all Americans at affordable prices and with no sacrifice in quality, will require huge changes.
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Find out how healthcare reform is changing the way U.S. insurance companies go to market.
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Private health insurance exchanges with a defined contribution approach represent a significant step toward catalyzing this change.
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The days of the disengaged health consumer are numbered. Consumerization will transform healthcare systems, involving individuals as never before in the management of their own care.
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The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act (ACA) means that the transformational changes already underway in the healthcare system will accelerate in three key areas.
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As reform legislation makes the U.S. healthcare industry more consumer-centric, companies will need to change their business models and add new capabilities.

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Service areas

Within the payor sector, our specific service areas include:

  • Capabilities-Driven Strategy
  • Consumerization
  • Front office
  • Medicaid/Medicare center of excellence
  • Medical value management
  • Core operations
  • Information technology
  • Fit for Growth