Life sciences

Strategy& works with respected global, regional and specialty pharmaceutical companies, biotech, OTC health, diagnostic and medical device companies worldwide.

We bring a truly differentiated ability to not only develop strategy, but also help deliver value, build and embed new capabilities, and effect change. We combine deep functional expertise in strategy, operations, information technology, and organization with a unique strategic perspective based on our leading position working across the health system, with health plans and providers as well as life sciences companies.

Whether helping clients tackle a key strategic issue, answer a growth question, deepen functional capabilities or strengthen how they run their organization our true north remains the same: building essential advantage.

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Our thought leadership

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The emergence of new technologies could convince physicians and insurers that patient-specific healthcare is here to stay.
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Animal health businesses can thrive within human pharma organizations. But only if their leadership is permitted to tailor their businesses to the unique demands of the animal health market.
In the post-reform healthcare environment, pharmaceutical companies have a clear opportunity to play a greater role in delivering a better experience for patients, improving clinical outcomes, and reducing the total cost of care.
Fit for Growth in medtech
Medtech companies must take the right strategic approach to managing costs while investing in capabilities and growth initiatives, via a Fit for Growth transformation.
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The business model that drove the major drugmakers’ success isn’t working anymore. The survivors will be those that make smart strategic bets supported by winning capabilities.
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For decades the pharmaceutical industry’s direct-to-physician marketing model worked extremely well.
Pharma emerging markets 2.0
To better understand both the challenges faced by the global pharmaceutical industry in its pursuit of emerging-market opportunities and the strategies that leaders are employing to address them.
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The days of the disengaged health consumer are numbered. Consumerization will transform healthcare systems, involving individuals as never before in the management of their own care.
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Breakthroughs in pharmaceutical innovation are poised to change the prevailing business model of the industry — with dramatic effects on healthcare costs and practice.
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Global drug companies are facing disruption. One powerful strategic response is to rethink their manufacturing and operations footprints.

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Service areas

Within the life sciences sector, our specific service areas include:

  • Business strategy
  • Marketing and sales
  • Operations
  • Organization, change and leadership
  • Research and development
  • Business model innovation
  • Technology strategy and IT effectiveness
  • Mergers and restructuring
  • G&A functional excellence