The basis for competition in healthcare is shifting dramatically at a pace not seen over the past 30 years. In the face of escalating costs, quality challenges and uneven access to care, under pressure from continued economic challenges in Europe and healthcare reform in the US, companies in all healthcare sectors are reassessing how best to serve and succeed in the market.

Through all the uncertainty, what is clear is that companies will need to demonstrate measurable value, embrace the changing role of the consumer in healthcare, and harness fast-paced big advances in medical science, if they are to succeed in addressing these challenges. These are not issues that will be solved by one segment of the industry alone. A deep understanding of all stakeholders, engagement beyond single sectors, new uses of technology, and an ability to innovate will be required.

In many growth markets governments are facing the challenge of providing access to care to millions of individuals. Significant infrastructure investments and new institutions are required. On the private side, tailored market approaches are needed to ensure successful market entry and profitable growth.

PwC’s strategy consulting team Strategy& works with leading healthcare organizations around the globe to navigate the different bases of competition and build the capabilities to deliver on that promise. Additional details on how we combine deep industry knowledge with extensive functional expertise to help our clients succeed can be found on our individual client pages: Payor, Health systems and other providers, Life sciences, Public health and Health NGOs and advocacy organizations.

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