The basis for competition in healthcare is shifting dramatically at a pace not seen over the past 30 years. In the face of escalating costs, quality challenges and uneven access to care, under pressure from continued economic challenges in Europe and healthcare reform in the US, companies in all healthcare sectors are reassessing how best to serve and succeed in the market.

Through all the uncertainty, what is clear is that companies will need to demonstrate measurable value, embrace the changing role of the consumer in healthcare, and harness fast-paced big advances in medical science, if they are to succeed in addressing these challenges. These are not issues that will be solved by one segment of the industry alone. A deep understanding of all stakeholders, engagement beyond single sectors, new uses of technology, and an ability to innovate will be required.

In many growth markets governments are facing the challenge of providing access to care to millions of individuals. Significant infrastructure investments and new institutions are required. On the private side, tailored market approaches are needed to ensure successful market entry and profitable growth.

PwC’s strategy consulting team Strategy& works with leading healthcare organizations around the globe to navigate the different bases of competition and build the capabilities to deliver on that promise. Additional details on how we combine deep industry knowledge with extensive functional expertise to help our clients succeed can be found on our individual client pages: Payor, Health systems and other providers, Life sciences, Public health and Health NGOs and advocacy organizations.

2017 Life Sciences Trends
The New Health Economy is inspiring fresh ways to manage data, place a value on medical treatments and deal with empowered patients.
The value of customer experience
Using customer experience (CX) to create value for your customers and business in an Age of Experience.

Our thought leadership

Why Healthcare Companies Need to Focus on Enterprise Resilience
Pursuing effective growth strategies will help firms navigate the uncertainty in the U.S. market.
A critical makeover for pharmaceutical companies
It is time for pharmaceutical companies to restructure their operating models in a way that brings all of these interdependent functions together. They need to build the organisation around critical teams.
Pharma’s Identity Crisis
High blood pressure now affects more than 20 percent of the adult population around the world. Complications from the condition account for 9.4 million deaths a year, according to the World Health Organization.
Size should matter
Over the past two decades, U.S. hospitals have undergone a continuous wave of consolidation, seeking to become more profitable through mergers, partnerships, and other strategic alliances. The implicit logic of these...
Go big or go home
If hospitals and health systems are to unlock the full advantages of the bundled-care model, they will need to make a significant commitment to scale. Three complementary initiatives will bolster success in scaling up:...
Beyond the hospital walls
With every healthcare provider in the U.S. shifting to some form of value-based care, post-acute assets and capabilities will become a more integral part of any strategy. Playing in this space, however, requires...
Health systems and the IT transformation imperative
Health systems chief information officers must find the right balance between running the existing business and building new capabilities to help the business grow and adapt. By focusing on both efficiency and...
Staking Your Claim in the Healthcare Gold Rush
Revolutionary changes in the delivery, financing, and management of healthcare present a choice: Do you want to be a gold miner or a bartender?

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How we help our clients


We support a broad array of payors and other stakeholders across medical and ancillary insurance industries with their strategic agenda. As pragmatic strategists, we help define total solutions for our clients that are grounded in developing a set of coherent, differentiating capabilities, to maintain long-term sustainability and profitable growth in the face of healthcare affordability challenges and regulatory headwinds. We also help our clients design and build the related operating models to execute against their chosen strategic path.

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Health systems and other providers

We work with hospitals, health systems, physician groups, and other healthcare service providers, including home health, long-term care, and diagnostic services companies. We help our clients address today’s greatest challenges facing healthcare delivery globally - keeping healthcare costs down, improving patient experience, and delivering and demonstrating better outcomes.

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Life sciences

Strategy& works with blue-chip pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, and other life science companies to help them succeed in the changing market environment. We bring a truly differentiated ability to not only develop strategy but also help deliver value, build and embed new capabilities, and effect change. We combine deep functional expertise in strategy, operations, information technology, and organization with a unique strategic perspective based on our leading position working with the managed care customers of life sciences companies and our collaboration with the leading consultants to U.S. government health agencies.

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Public health

Strategy& has a history of serving government organizations around the world, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. We provide a full range of strategy, technology, analytic, operational and transformational expertise to these clients. Our experience includes helping governments design and stand up new healthcare infrastructure, design electronic health record systems and stand up new regulatory agencies. Strategy& also supports clients at the intersection of government and industry, working with a number of public/private partnerships and collaborations.

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Health NGOs and advocacy organizations

Strategy& partners with non-governmental organizations worldwide to help advance a variety of health-related missions. We work with NGOs to define their strategic focus as well as help them build the capabilities needed to promote their mission, acting both on their own as well as in concert with other organizations. Strategy& brings particularly deep expertise in fostering collaborative partnerships across the NGO, private, and public sectors.

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Consumers are being called upon to take a greater hand in managing and paying for their own health. Significant change will be required to thrive in a consumer-centric environment. The winning players will be those health care companies that can successfully apply a deep, nuanced understanding of consumers to the development of new business models, capabilities, and offerings.
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Bundled care is the concept of re-organizing care and payment around a patient’s medical condition as opposed to by activity. HeALS (Healthy, Acute and Long-term Solutions), Strategy&’s vision for bundled care, gives health systems a chance to differentiate, allows health plans to reinvent their role in the marketplace, and enables employers to improve the performance of their workforce.
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Personalized medicine (PMx) enables the right therapy to be delivered to the right patient at the right time and is critical to the continued success of the healthcare industry. Our personalized medicine practice helps clients move from concept to action, whether it is enterprise-wide transformation, functional capability enhancements, or product-specific companion diagnostic opportunities.

Client examples

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A large health plan articulated a vision for the future – but hit roadblocks in translating this vision into a prioritized strategy and in operationalizing the strategy. Find out how Strategy& helped.
Transformative cost reduction for a regional health system
Faced with a future of reimbursement reductions and declining revenue yields, a large regional health system set an ambitious goal of achieving a 20% reduction on its $500 million cost base for centralized and facility-based support functions. Strategy& helped the leadership team identify up to $120 million in annual savings and $13 million in margin improvement.
Value capture through digital channels and partnership
A pharmaceutical company was struggling to grow revenues for several key primary care products by tapping into ‘lost patients’ that fell out of the diagnosis/treatment/fulfilment pathway. Strategy& was engaged to analyze the market opportunity, identify critical “pain points” and characterize value capture opportunities which could be addressed by digital solutions.