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The majority of the world’s financial services organizations have been impacted by the industry’s recent turbulence. We have seen a major correction in financial imbalances and asset prices that has rocked the global economy. Customer spending has dramatically decreased, moving the agenda of senior managers from growth to survival. Regulators have switched their attention from open markets to tighter controls over risk and capital, and governments have intervened in the banking market to ensure its ongoing stability. These changes to the market present a significant challenge as well as a significant opportunity for the financial services industry.

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2016 Financial Services Trends
FinTech startups are disrupting the financial-services industry. To respond effectively, incumbents must create new business ecosystems.
2016 Wealth Management Trends
The very nature of financial advice and how it is delivered are up for grabs in the midst of a revolution both loud and quiet.

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Finance and HR
Six years ago, two executives new to their jobs led the strategic transition that remade McGraw-Hill into S&P Global.
Making Seamless E-Payments a Reality
The financial world is about to learn a new kind of proficiency with “frictionless” digital transactions.
Banking’s Biggest Hurdle
Why coherent institutions were the first to rebound after the financial crisis.
Why the bank sector needs $600 billion worth of M&A
In Mergercast 57 Arjun Saxena and Doug Stotz, principals with PwC US, discuss a potentially game-changing dynamic: why the bank sector needs $600 billion worth of M&A.
Come Together
With regulatory and competitive pressures rising, and profits falling, the U.S. banking industry must consolidate to gain scale and lower its cost structure.
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In this two-part Mergercast series Thomas Flaherty, a principal with PwC’s Strategy&, discusses a popular method of value creation – divestitures.
Sneak preview: European banks and the 2016 stress test
The 2016 European stress test is currently being conducted to assess how well the continent’s largest banks would hold up in adverse economic circumstances. Our analysis suggests that participating banks might have to raise a total of as much as €65 billion in new capital.
Meeting the Fintech Challenge
How incumbent banks can respond to the startups and other firms disrupting their industry.
Market utilities in financial services
With increasing frequency, companies in the financial-services industry are pooling resources, expertise, and capabilities to create market utilities focused on specific functions. What role should the organization should play in that utility?
Turning around investment banking
The new operating environment requires a transformative response in repositioning investment banking businesses on a path of profitable and sustainable growth.
A Strategist’s Guide to Blockchain
The distributed ledger technology that started with bitcoin is rapidly becoming a crowdsourced system for verifying transactions of all types. Could it replace central banks, notary publics, and manual vote recounts?
Serving the connected consumer of the future
A joint Strategy& and Electronic Transactions Association survey recently studied 1000+ consumers, 25+ merchants, and 50+ payments executives to understand consumer and merchant pain points.

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PwC’s strategy consulting team Strategy& offers our financial services clients a range of services to address their most pressing business problems, from corporate strategy to risk management to operational improvement. We support our clients with a global team possessing expertise across all financial services sectors.

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