Global vehicle manufacturer IT outsourcing

The client, a global automotive manufacturer, operated with an industry-leading IT systems and services outsourcing model. The client wanted to evolve to its third generation outsourcing model where IT would be managed through global IT work segments, supported by multiple suppliers, operating with standardized work processes, and supported by a thin layer client IT organization. This transformation represented a profound change.

Strategy& supported the client through every phase of this far-reaching, multi-year program. We developed the overall strategy, re-sourcing approach, and master project plan as well as facilitated consensus among IT leadership for the ‘go-to-market’ bid segmentation strategy. We rolled out a global program structure and staffing model and created a comprehensive RFI signaling the client’s intent to re-source its IT systems and services globally for a competitive bid. As a result, the client increased service levels and reduced annual operating costs by approximately 20%.