Organization and change

In a marketplace characterized by intense competition, complex requirements, and tight time frames, aerospace and defense companies must consistently improve quality and reduce costs while maintaining the ability to exploit new opportunities. These demands often require companies to realign their organization, seek strategic M&A opportunities, and use objective- driven change initiatives to steer organizational transformation.

PwC's Strategy&'s organization and change service offerings include:

Postmerger integration

We support the financial, organizational, operational, and IT integration of two companies to help them realize operational efficiencies, cost savings, and revenue synergies.

Organizational effectiveness and alignment

We identify a new organizational structure to maximize organizational effectiveness, align capabilities with the market, and support client-driven strategic transformation.

Objective-driven change (ODC) programs

We identify specific objectives with clients and prepare a detailed implementation plan for achieving each objective.

Strategic communications

We prepare organizational communication plans to help facilitate strategic change across an organization.