Operations and logistics

In markets where high quality, lean processes, and expedient customer delivery are requirements, companies face the continual challenge to improve and deliver more for less.

PwC's Strategy&'s operations and logistics service offering includes:


We provide a full suite of capabilities, including traditional commodity-based strategic or balanced sourcing and knowledge-based sourcing strategies and tools. We support truly collaborative cost management through supplier development, contract tools, strategies for leveraging supplier innovation, and structured approaches to a global supply base. We actively support numerous clients in developing strategies for green sourcing. Our sourcing team is experienced in cost transformation, production recovery, and postmerger environments.

Process transformation

We work with A&D firms to replace overly complex and opaque overhead and direct cost structures across programs and enterprises to close program affordability gaps and ensure that immediate gains translate into long-term efficiencies. We identify the true demand floor for direct and overhead labor. We uncover cost savings, improve quality, and increase time efficiencies through process mapping, best-practices implementation, and lean and Six Sigma processes. We establish sustaining capabilities to manage total costs and enable cost accountability.

Low-rate production

We work with A&D executives and program teams to anticipate changes in production volume, define affordability levels for various production rates, and craft transformational programs to recalibrate direct and indirect cost structures for affordability in a lower-rate production environment.


We work with senior executives on such challenges as assessing overall manufacturing competitiveness, determining the status of manufacturing technologies, defining make-versus-buy concepts, and establishing new global manufacturing networks. We also work with manufacturing communities on the vital task of developing and implementing production systems. In uncompetitive plants, we drive cost-improvement or service-improvement programs, and we upgrade quality or throughput with clients wherever circumstances require it.

Supply chain management

Strategy& invented this term more than 20 years ago and has maintained a thought-leadership position as supply chain management concepts have evolved through material requirements planning (MRP), enterprise resource planning (ERP), lean and kanban-based systems, just-in-time delivery, globalization, and resource-efficient green supply chains. Our team has extensive experience in supply chain strategy for production, maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO), and aircraft on ground (AOG) demands.

Sustainment and logistics

We work with senior executives to help them understand how shifts in defense industry policy will affect business productivity and revenue potential. Our experience in defense industrial base assessments provides unique insight into how commercial companies and government agencies can partner to ensure the long-term mutual benefits of industrial viability and availability and improved program performance.