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PwC’s Strategy& brings deep industry-based expertise to our clients. Our distinctive approach also reflects a commitment to four major platforms that are highly relevant for companies across all industries: Capabilities-Driven Strategy, Deals, Digital, and Fit for Growth*.

Capabilities-Driven Strategy and Growth

A company's right to win in any market depends not just on external market positioning and not just on internal capabilities but on a coherent strategy that aligns these factors at every level. Only a coherent company — one that pursues a clear strategic direction, builds a system of differentiating capabilities consistent with that direction, and sells products and services that thrive within that system — can reliably and sustainably outpace competitors.

Strategy&'s Capabilities thought leadership spotlight:

The Coherence Premium
“The Coherence Premium” lays out the importance of coherence for sustainable business success and presents evidence that sustainable, superior returns accrue to companies that coherently link capabilities, marketplace opportunities, and the right set of offerings.
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Conventional organizational structures may be obsolete. How about a model based on capabilities instead?
New HBR article highlighting the need for emerging-market companies to focus on capabilities building from the very beginning.
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Conventional organizational structures may be obsolete. How about a model based on capabilities instead?
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Senior leadership teams and human resources executives should develop focused people strategies that align with and support their company’s capabilities system — the few things the company does exceptionally well that distinguish it from competitors.
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When a disruption next knocks your supply chain — will you be able to continue giving customers what they most value from your organisation — whether that’s low cost, innovation, quality or outstanding customer service?


Many companies pursue M&A in the hopes of finding a path that supports growth or engage in divestitures that are strategic rather than reactive. But all too often, they fail to gain the value promised from the transaction. Smart dealmakers avoid this fate by getting three things right: First, they focus on deals with a strong strategic rationale — those that allow them to extend their distinctive capabilities to the businesses they are acquiring, create more capability coherence in their portfolios or strengthen their most important capabilities. Second, they excel at executing the deal itself, taking into consideration market dynamics and conducting business-wide due diligence across costs, revenue, systems, talent, tax and compliance. And, third, they are expert at capturing value from their transactions. When all three of these elements are in play companies execute deals seamlessly, capture synergies during integration or realize benefits from divestitures, and deliver value to stakeholders in the short- and long-term.

Strategy&'s Deals thought leadership spotlight:

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A new study of inorganic growth shows that deals made to enhance or leverage the things that companies do well consistently outperform others.
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The geography of deal-making is changing fast. Over the last five years we have seen more deal value flow from the largest high growth markets (HGM) to mature market economies than in the other direction.
The Top 10 M&A Fallacies and Self-Deceptions
With merger and acquisition activity heating up, here’s a due diligence checklist for regaining clarity.
Restructuring in consumer products
The CPG industry is poised for the next wave of portfolio shuffling. Leading companies will increasingly build their product offerings around distinctive capabilities systems, which will lead to more asset swapping and M&A activity as brands migrate to those environments in which they will thrive.
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When you are selling part of your company, don’t just offer buyers a potential asset; give them the capabilities to gain value from it.


Thanks to digitization, companies across industries are racing to migrate "analog" approaches to customers, products, services, and operating models to an always-on, real-time, and information rich marketplace. Some leaders are redesigning their capabilities and operating models to take full advantage of digital technologies to keep step with the "connected" consumer and attract talent. Others are creating qualitatively new business models — and tremendous value — around disruptive digital opportunities. In doing so, these companies secure not only continued relevance, but also superior returns.

Strategy&'s Digital thought leadership spotlight:

Reimagine your enterprise: Make human-centered design the heart of your digital agenda
Companies in every industry are trying to find new sources of value through digital technology. But most of their efforts have not translated into enough market impact and growth.
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Mobile technology is redefining our lives and making it increasingly connected.
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With the latest mobile technology, the ability to deliver seamless, omnichannel consumer experiences is finally within reach.
6th annual Digital IQ survey
Today, all roads lead to digital. From business strategy to execution, digital technology has become the foundation for everything we do. Nearly every organization lays claim to being a digital enterprise, but as our study revealed, only a minority are truly there.
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Four clear paths for winning over — and retaining — customers in the digital era.

Fit for Growth

In an uneven business climate, companies need to transform how they operate, while creating the capacity to invest in growth. Our Fit for Growth methodology starts by articulating a clear and compelling cost agenda from the front line to the back office, continues with the building of lean and resilient processes, systems, operations, and organization structures, and culminates in the institutionalization of capabilities that keep resources flowing to "good" costs and away from "bad." The outcome is an adaptable, high-performance culture positioned on an accelerated path to sustained growth.

Strategy&'s Fit for Growth thought leadership spotlight:

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A more strategic approach to costs can help you prepare for the next round of expansion.
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A Strategy& study reveals that only 17 percent of companies are poised for a profitable future.
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This easy-to-use online profiler will enable you to self-assess how ready your company is for growth, allow you to visualize the payoff from connecting your cost and growth agendas, and provide you with tailored recommendations based on your unique starting point.
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Strategy& CEO Cesare Mainardi sat down with Paul Michelman of Harvard Business Publishing (now Strategy&'s executive editor) to discuss how executives should use a strategic approach to cutting costs—but often don't.
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Is your company as profitable as it could be? If not, it might be time to abandon conventional wisdom and do things differently.

* Fit for Growth is a registered service mark of PwC Strategy& LLC in the United States.