The future of the insurance industry
The insurance industry is undergoing fundamental transformation. Several disruptive factors have given rise to new players with disruptive business models. This short video by Strategy& looks at how insurance players should react to this major shift.

What if you don't have access to big data?
Companies with limited access to analytics can still find information to improve their operational efficiency.


Why does big data matter?
Companies are using advanced data analytics to focus on a range of new business problems, and have identified several keys to success in using big data.


A new era for pharmaceuticals
The pharmaceutical industry’s commercial model has been under pressure for years. Traditional sales and marketing tactics, such as the in-person sales rep model, have declined under the pressure of rising costs, new regulations, provider consolidation, and increased market complexity. In this video, Strategy& thought leaders explain how pharma companies are responding to these challenges, and how they must adapt to thrive in the future.


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Jose Arias, introduces "Value-based network management," a new approach to managing network costs and investments. Its comprehensive set of methodologies, tools, and techniques makes diligent use of big data to show telco operators where a solid ROI can be achieved.


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In turbulent times, your strategy matters more than ever. The world's greatest companies weather adversity and uncertainty much more adeptly by operating from their core strengths. A strategy built on these differentiating capabilities helps you outpace the competition, achieve faster growth, and earn the right to win.


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