The future of the steel industry
The steel industry has been confronted with dramatic changes over the last few years and is facing several disruptive factors in the future. This short video by PwC’s Strategy& looks at main industry trends and how steel executives should approach them — outlining winning ways to play of the future and what it takes to excel at those.

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Far too many strategies fail when it comes time to bring them to life. In fact, more than two-thirds of executives say they don’t have what they need to execute their strategy. Find out how your company can avoid falling into the strategy-through-execution gap by asking 3 questions.


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Supercompetitors have a special recipe for success. It’s fueled by capabilities and it makes these iconic companies so powerful that they’re actually influencing and reshaping entire industries. Find out how you can use smart strategy to transform your future.


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Find out how functions like HR, IT, and finance can balance a new strategic role while still managing their own house.


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Shifting into a hot, new industry probably won’t revive growth. Leaders should focus instead on building the capabilities to win in their home industry.


Capabilities-Driven Strategy Explained
In this series of three entertaining yet instructional videos we explain what we mean when we talk about capabilities as the key to essential advantage and sustained value creation and capture.


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