The future of the insurance industry
The insurance industry is undergoing fundamental transformation. Several disruptive factors have given rise to new players with disruptive business models. This short video by Strategy& looks at how insurance players should react to this major shift.

A strategy that creates true advantage
How do you create the right strategy for your organization?  How can you make sure that your strategy is built on your strengths and will position you to win?


The future of the steel industry
The steel industry has been confronted with dramatic changes over the last few years and is facing several disruptive factors in the future. This short video by PwC’s Strategy& looks at main industry trends and how steel executives should approach them — outlining winning ways to play of the future and what it takes to excel at those.


The future of 3D-printing
3D-Printing has outgrown its status as a niche technology. Being a key component and enabler of Industry 4.0, 3D-Printing evolves as a practicable alternative not only in product development but also in conventional manufacturing. Watch our video to find out more about 3D-Printing's revolutionary potential and what's in it for your business.


Enterprise-wide Operational Excellence
Operational Excellence is the basis for a successful transformation and for the management of future challenges. Find out more about our “Enterprise Wide Operations Excellence” (EWOE) approach in this video.


Precision medicine
Precision medicine represents both a business and clinical opportunity for multiple healthcare stakeholders. At times of significant healthcare challenges, it is a clear means of combining emerging technologies with in-depth disease understanding to deliver better care to patients. Pharmaceutical companies can seize this opportunity — or ignore it and watch their competitors pass them by.


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