Growth and innovation

Many low carbon and sustainability responses represent disruptive change. PwC’s Strategy& is experienced in helping organizations identify and capture the opportunities that result from these disruptions. For example:

New product development: Changing customer preferences and emerging technologies are creating new green product opportunities. These opportunities require a rigorous business case demonstrating demand, quantifying risks and returns, as well as a detailed implementation and commercialization plans. The rewards of new green products extend beyond increased revenue and competitive differentiation to environmental benefits and improved staff morale.

New business opportunities: A rigorous, exhaustive and efficient opportunity search process (such as Strategy&’s growth lens methodology) enables companies to identify attractive new business lines where existing strengths are built upon to create competitive advantage.

Renewable and alternative energy sector growth: Low emission energy sources allow utilities to alter their portfolio mix, thereby managing risks and emissions. For electricity users, renewable energy also offers the chance to reduce their emissions footprint through on-site generation. Production of renewable energy equipment provides further growth opportunities for investors.

‘Cleantech’ deployment and growth: Emerging cleantech companies face unique commercialization and growth challenges as they take on industry incumbents and low-cost producers. Robust growth strategies are needed to unlock latent potential and capitalize on competitive advantages, while managing the many risks.

Many of our more established clients work with us to understand the impact of emerging ‘cleantechs’ on their industries and the risks and opportunities that they create.

Recent engagements

Leading publisher

Identify opportunities to create a new information source focusing on renewable energy.

  • Rapidly mapped the market and identified attractive opportunities suited to the client’s capabilities.
  • Profiled the target audience and detailed the necessary content and focus of the information source to ensure its success with this audience.

Heavy equipment manufacturer

Identify opportunities for revenue growth driven by sustainability in existing and new value chains.

  • Identified a set of global concerns and mapped these across value chains to identify gaps not being addressed.
  • The resulting long list of opportunities was filtered for fit with client capabilities. In total, over $4 billion per year in revenue of potential opportunities were identified in existing and new value chains.

Global wind turbine manufacturer

Increase market share in a fast-growing industry against rapidly emerging Western and Asian competitors.

  • Diagnosed and provided recommendations to resolve key constraints to growth.