Low carbon and sustainability

Balancing economic growth with environmental concerns is proving to be one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Organizations are facing increasing calls to be environmentally responsible while remaining accountable to their stakeholders. Practical barriers hinder the transformation to a more sustainable world. This is true for companies operating under short term commercial metrics and for the public sector where community and business interests must be carefully balanced with progress.

PwC’s Strategy& approach to low carbon and sustainability is therefore a simple and pragmatic one. We focus on helping organizations with low carbon and sustainability initiatives that are profitable, practical and tangible. In over 200 low carbon and sustainability projects in the last three years we have demonstrated our ability to unlock value for leading public and private sector clients around the world while contributing to a better environment.

How we help our clients

Through these capabilities and service offerings, we can assist our clients to profitably improve their sustainability, or to sustainably improve their profitability. These four capability areas can address specific client needs, or can be combined to create a self-funding sustainability strategy to transform an organization from laggard to leader:

Cost and footprint management

Reducing energy use/greenhouse gas emissions, improving efficiency, eliminating waste and reducing resource usage along industry value chains improves the environmental and financial performance of businesses, products and services. Innovative new approaches are emerging which stretch the traditional boundaries of recycling, driving further cost savingstive assessments of market strength and long-term positioning.

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Business model enhancement

Existing businesses can increase revenues by adjusting their focus to respond to and anticipate ‘greener’ consumer/customer preferences and a changing environment. They can do this by managing their sourcing and market positioning, while better serving their customers and incorporating future sustainability issues into their strategies.

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Regulatory change and new industry requirements

The discontinuity of a more sustainable, lower carbon world presents new business opportunities for those who can anticipate and respond quickly to changes, be they the emergence of clean technologies, a revaluing of externalities, or exciting new markets.

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Growth and innovation

Well-developed new policies, imposed by governments or key industry players, can directly drive environmental improvement and also present opportunities for early movers to seize competitive advantage.

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Our thought leadership

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