The suppliers of Digitization

Digitization affects not only the demand side. The supply side — the collection of industries and companies, including traditional IT service providers, telecom companies, and the hardware, software, and Internet players that are creating the technologies for this brave new world — is undergoing a parallel transformation. The market for information and communications technologies is booming. Long-standing information and communication technology (ICT) players face increased competition from any number of non-traditional players offering new services in response to ever-changing demand. What’s more, the boundaries between market segments are becoming increasingly blurry. Players both old and new face real challenges in meeting the demand for new products and services in the age of digitization, and the challenges aren’t just technological. New business models are emerging, as are new modes of innovation, both of which are roiling what used to be a relatively stable business environment for the old-line ICT service providers.

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The digital interconnection of billions of devices is today’s most dynamic business opportunity.