How we help our clients

PwC’s Strategy& is a leading global management consulting firm focused on serving and shaping the senior agenda of the world's leading institutions. Combining deep understanding of the digitization megatrend with our broad industry and functional expertise, we help our clients identify and build the digital capabilities they need to win so they make digitization work for them rather than against them.

We have supported leading Fortune 500 clients in assessing the impact of the digitization trends on their end-to-end value chains, determining how their strategies need to evolve in light of the digital ecosystem, and identifying the capabilities they need in order to outperform competitors. The design of these capabilities is unique to each company and contributes to differentiating it in the market place. We finally help our clients build those digital capabilities, by working alongside them on the key processes, systems and tools, knowledge, skills and behaviors, as well as organization that enable them to gain and sustain essential advantage in an increasingly digitized world.

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Digital strategy


We help our clients establish a clear perspective on how their current digital capabilities compare to international industry standards. The analysis looks at all dimensions of the business: customer-facing, products/services, back-office/operations, and shared services/overhead functions. It is based on a catalog of industry-leading capabilities and proficiency-level scales so it provides a benchmark-based, outside-in, candid perspective. The health check may reveal potential gaps in a company’s competitiveness or in its responsiveness to changing customer needs, and thus helps identify priority investment areas.

We help our clients establish a clear, actionable, and quantified perspective on how they should develop digital capabilities to enhance customer intimacy, innovate in products/services, and digitize their processes and relations for greater effectiveness. The recommendations are tailored to the client’s strategic intent, industry dynamic, consumer behavior changes, and technology opportunities. The digital strategy will help you identify and build the required digital capabilities for sustainable differentiation in your market. It will also provide you with a clear investment focus, which will help you reallocate funds from less essential initiatives.

We help our clients identify and master their best migration path from an analog to a digital world. This may consist of focused interventions in specific functions or a more comprehensive shuffle of many company activities. Based on a clear view of your company’s digital health and your chosen way to play, we work with you to understand your goals and identify the capabilities required to achieve them. The resulting road map details the skills and behaviors, processes, systems, partnerships, operating model, and products and services that will be needed. The implementation phase includes change management support.

Digital innovation
and product development


We help our clients develop new or adapt existing value propositions for the digital world. This work includes such dimensions as product/service characteristics, customer acquisition and care concepts, and communication and loyalty approaches. Based on a clear understanding of your current positioning, your customers’ changing needs, and the competitive landscape, we help you determine the right responses to your evolving ecosystem. When necessary, we identify, develop, and implement new business models enabled by digital technology and behavior.

We help our clients modify their innovation management to take advantage of new digital models. We work with you to develop digital customer insight and feedback through changes in your operating model, using new tools such as global virtual collaboration with internal and external parties and virtual prototyping. We can also design and implement new business models supported by digital technologies, economics, and behavior.

Digital supply chain and operations


We help our clients establish an end-to-end supply chain perspective, linking demand-side activities driven by the digitized customer interface with the supply side of their business. This shift often requires developing or expanding capabilities to translate real-time market demand into operational requirements.

We help our clients realize a seamless integration of enterprise resource planning, manufacturing execution, and shop floor systems. We leverage digital planning and simulation to design optimal shop floor layouts and to build efficient manufacturing operations ecosystems that provide comprehensive real-time information about the status, process, and output quality of manufacturing operations.

We help our clients build world-class service operations by enhancing key digital capabilities such as state-of-the-art workflow control, innovative knowledge management, and tailored KPI reporting. We work with you to develop strengths that set you apart from the competition, including systems that provide comprehensive real-time information about operations status and process quality as well as a seamless integration of multi-channel customers.

Digital marketing, sales and service


We help our clients create value from information available throughout the enterprise by using four main tools: Data sources, incl. the creation of consumer-centric digital identifiers, the identification and qualification of data sources, the integrated mining of unstructured and structured data; Insight, incl. the analysis of data and identification of value-creating levers across the business; customer value management, incl. the definition of required processes, skills and behaviors, systems, and structures to mine data sources, identify opportunities, and execute campaigns; technology, incl. the definition of required digital data management (“big data”) capabilities within the specific industry and strategic context, and the assessment and implementation of relevant solutions.

We help our clients identify and develop the marketing capabilities that are key in the digitized world. These are essential to maintain the edge in customer conversations and avert threats from new competitors. The main levers are: the development of digital propositions, with an understanding of the evolving requirements of digital consumers and clients for products/services and channels; the management of digital channels (online, social, mobile) throughout the customer life cycle, including the effective allocation of budgets across online and offline channels; the transformation of traditional marketing departments to digital, data-driven organizations; the identification of relevant technology and business model partnerships to support capability changes.

We help our clients transition their sales capability to digital channels, thereby increasing both share and relevance to their customers. The digital commerce concept includes: a baseline of your current capabilities; identifying your target capabilities based on industry, customer, and strategic considerations; defining the implications for your company’s processes, especially the definition of the product and service catalog, inbound and outbound logistics and supply chain, cross-channel steering, and pricing; defining the technology requirements and creating a technology road map; identifying relevant technology and commercial ecosystem partners, and negotiations with those partners; a business case for recommended changes.

Digital workplace
and shared services


We help our clients make their employees more effective by using digital tools and support them in evaluating their enabling infrastructure. We analyze the workflows in a client’s company, compare it with best-in-class benchmarks, and identify opportunities for increasing effectiveness and efficiency by using state-of-the-art digital tools. As a result, you get a clear recommendation for changes in processes and in the underlying office infrastructure that could help your employees increase their effectiveness and at the same time significantly reduce costs.

We help our clients build the required capabilities to digitize their internal shared services for efficiency and effectiveness. Based on our Digital health check, we determine how your company’s HR, finance and accounting, controlling, legal, and procurement practices compare to best-in-class and best-in-industry standards. We support you in prioritizing the areas where digitizing your internal services will have the biggest impact, in establishing the road map to build the prioritized capabilities, and in implementing this improvement program.