Capturing the People Advantage: Thought Leaders on Human Capital

Human Capital Reader imageWhat do the chief information officer of Toyota Motor Sales, the executive vice president of retail banking at PNC Financial Services, the chairman of Satyam Computer Services, and the chief personnel officer of ThyssenKrupp have in common? All of them, along with the 11 additional executives and academics featured in this strategy+business Reader, recognize the value of human capital as a critical enabler of business results. They are devoting significant resources, creativity, and brainpower to capturing the people advantage.

The interviews in this book provide a unique insider’s view of how leading companies, such as Novartis, Saudi Telecom, Barclays, Kraft, and E.ON, are separating the wheat from the chaff in human resources management. The insights of these expert practitioners are bolstered by the ideas of leading academic commentators, including C.K. Prahalad, Jay Conger, and John Boudreau. And they are woven together in a special introduction and overview written by Walter McFarland and Richard Rawlinson and Laird Post of Strategy&.